Scilly Organics is an organic market garden on St Martin's, Isles of Scilly growing fruit and veg that is all sold locally. Established 8 years ago, we now grow on about 5 acres of organically-certified land rented from the Duchy of Cornwall.

Soil, weeds, pest and diseases
Our land is very sandy so we use seaweed, compost and green manures to build organic matter in the soil. Healthy soil produces healthy plants, and we encourage a predator-pest balance by developing the ecology of the farm.

Low carbon and organic
We've been certified organic for over 7 years and are inspected by the Soil Association every year. We also calculate our business' carbon footprint every year and are pleased to say that we're carbon negative - i.e. that the biomass and soils in the farm absorb more carbon than all the emissions created from other activities.

Environmental policy
Our environmental policy is at the heart of our business. You can read about our credentials and commitments here. These are reviewed on an annual basis and we welcome questions, comments and suggestions from customers.

Fresh and tasty
All our produce is picked fresh every morning and we don't sell anything that we don't think tastes brilliant. Not much fruit and veg is grown now for taste and nutritional value, but that is our main objective.

We've completed an extensive Biodiversity Survey of the farm for the first time. We found over 70 species of wild plants, plus numerous birds, insects, animals and bats. We were impressed with just how many species were on the land and is really strong evidence in support of organic growing.

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