Crops we grow:

Potatoes. Lettuce. Mixed salad. Broccoli. Salad onions. Garlic. Carrots. Courgettes. Cauliflower. Squash. Sweetcorn. Cabbage. Kale. Tomatoes. Cucumbers. Peppers. Leeks. Spinach. Chard. Onions.Parsnips. Beans. Peas.
Parsley. Basil. Mint. Coriander
Strawberries. Blackcurrants. Rhubarb

What our customers say...

"Thank you for the delicious organic veg. We were staying at the campsite for a week and it was amazing to find such beautiful food "on the doorstep". We tried everything and particularly liked the spinach and kale."

"Thanks very much for the veg throughout our 3 weeks here."

"If we don't see you before we go: thanks for your lovely produce!"

"Thanks for the veg - they look so lovely!"

"Thanks for the veg – all delicious – I didn’t expect salad – yum! also just cooked some greens - yum!"

"Beautiful veg Jonathan - like the price, but think you should charge more!"

"Thank you so very, very much for your outstanding service."

"I had a magic moment when my 8 year old asked "is there any more chard?" Must be magic in your veg!"