Here are some recipes to inspire some creative cooking from vegetables that are currently in season. Thye're all available as free PDF downloads.
Carrot, cashew nut and red lentil patties

Kale - several ideas


Red cabbage and squash & onion recipes

Radish and potato salad

Courgette omlette

Vegetable pasta soup

Warm potato salad

Chard with lemon, yogurt and pepper

Carrot and coriander soup

Broad bean guacamole

Courgette, potato and coriander pie

Veggie burger

Cauli, calabrese and carrot flan

Mange tout with carrots and soya sauce

Cucumber and onion bake

Broad bean and cauli curry

Potatoes with lemon tahini sauce

Kale and Potato

Greens and cabbage - exciting recipes!

Two really good books for veg recipes are the Boxing Clever cookbook, which has over 360 recipes, and Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's new book Veg - every day!, which really is excellent.