About us

Our little farm on this beautiful island has a lot going on. You'll find delicious vegetables, sweet fruit, abundant wildlife, a beautiful yurt, and a passion for the environment that is hard to beat.

About the farm

Scilly Organics is a small organic horticultural business, working a series of small fields on the beautiful island of St Martin’s, Isles of Scilly. Started in 2003, it is now based on about 4 productive acres, plus some orchard, woodland and rewilded land.

Jonathan started the business back in 2003, making us the oldest certified organic farm on the Isles of Scilly. Passionate about quality and local food, the business has grown in strength steadily, now supplying lots of quality produce through restaurants, cafes, pubs and direct to customers through the roadside stall.

Not just an organic farm though, as Jonathan has created a leading carbon calculator, the Farm Carbon Calculator, and is part of a major EU research project on Circular Economy. Find out more in the Carbon Consultancy section.

A family business

The yurt is an integral part of the farm, which is run by Claudia. When she’s not busy helping women improve their mental health through nutritional therapy, you’ll also see her helping with the harvest now and then.

Our daughter Maisie is often to be found helping with the yurt, munching on a cucumber or finding ladybirds to eat aphids on lettuce.