Apple trees for sale

We have organic apple trees for sale. Grown on St Martin’s, the varieties we have grafted are tried and tested for flavour, disease resistance, yield and suitability to growing in this climate.

There are a range of varieties available, details below. 1 or 2 years old, these are ideal to transplant now.They come in two main rootstock sizes:

MM106 – semi vigorous, growing to about 10-12ft high, spacing about 4m apart

M26 – semi dwarf, growing to about 8-10ft high, spacing about 3m apart

M25 – vigorous, growing to about 20ft hight, spacing 6m apart (sheltered locations only on Scilly)


As bareroot trees, they will only be available until the middle of March, as this is the key time to plant fruit trees.

Two sizes are available: small (up to 2ft high) at £12 each, and medium (up to 4ft high) at £16 each. All prices include delivery to your island on Scilly. Mainland deliveries are available, with postage costs added.


Varieties available. Please note some have limited availability – first come, first served!


Scilly Pearl – the only variety knowingly bred on Scilly. A lovely early eater, ready from mid August. MM106, M25 and M26.

SOLD OUT Devonshire Quarrenden – one of the tastiest early apples there is, beautiful red skin and streaked red flesh. Ready from mid August. MM106 only.


SOLD OUT Tom Putt – a dual purpose cooker and cider apple, actually a decent eater too. Large apples and often prolific crops. Vigorous tree. MM106 only.


Ashmeads Kernel – very tasty eater that is ready from around late September and will keep all winter. M26 and MM106.


Egremont Russet – the classic russet apple with an unbeatable taste. Ready from mid September and keeps all winter. MM106 only.

 Katy – an eater and cider apple, beautiful bright red apple. Ready from early September. MM106 only.

Peter Lock – eater and cooker, very disease resistant. Ready from mid October. MM106 only.


How to order

Just send an email to

All trees are grown to organic standards on our small organic farm on St Martin’s. We have grafted all the trees ourselves from our own disease-free apple trees. We take biosecurity seriously and enure trees we sell do not have disease.