Winter – what happens on the farm?

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This is a question I am often asked. The growing year is at its quietest ebb from about November to February, as the land rests and days are relatively short. This is also a relief for us growers as the spring and summer are quite intense with very little downtime. Everyone and everything needs time to recharge.The main winter tasks…

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Circular economy in action

For over three years Scilly Organics has been part of a circular economy project, exploring business solutions that can help businesses to become 'more circular'. But what does that mean? Conventional business models relies on an input-output approach, which results in use of excess resources, waste, and inefficiency. It doesn't take a genius to see that 'business as usual' is…

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Lockdown part 2

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Coronavirus lockdown is with us once again. Except this time round, on St Martin's, it feels very different to the last one. In mid March the whole island was gearing up for the tourist season. No-one was sure what the future would look like. Businesses in turmoil, bookings cancelled or postponed, uncertainty and a fair amount of panic. What followed…

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Carbon negative fruit and veg

Calculating the carbon footprint of the business is something we've done every year for over 10 years. This means understanding all the carbon emissions from everything we do in the business, as well as all the carbon sequestered (absorbed) in plants and soils on the farm. Understanding what is happening in carbon terms on the farm enables us to make…

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Agricology podcast

I was really pleased to record a podcast for Agricology recently. In it you can hear me talk about my farm, what inspired me, how I use seaweed, and what transition I'm making towards further agroecological principles on the farm. I've been told it's a good listen...I hope you find it interesting.

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Summer heat

On the farm, July and August is a strange time. It's quite challenging in that there's a lot of visitors and therefore a lot of picking to do. Hot sunny afternoons make work almost impossible, which then means coming back later in the day and eating in to evenings. But it also means lots of people around to buy produce…

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