Scilly Organics carbon footprint

Every year we try to complete a carbon footprint analysis of Scilly Organics, using the Farm Carbon Calculator. Unfortunately we didn't complete it in 2017, but here is the comprehensive analysis from 2018. The reason for doing it is to understand what is happening in terms of the carbon released during all the activities to produce vegetables, as well as…

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When we get a storm on the Islands a lot of seaweed tends to get broken off the rocks, and beaches on the windward side end up with piles of seaweed stacked up around the high water mark. Of course as most of the storms happen in winter and this is when most seaweed comes in, sometimes resulting in a…

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Winter veg

It's the time of the year when our veg stall has a bit of hibernation, and we go down from daily to weekly veg. We will stock up at midday every Saturday through the autumn and winter - first come, first served! At various points we will have kale, chard, salad, caulis, broccoli, squash and herbs.

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Earlier this month I went on a farm visit to Wakelyns Farm in Suffolk, a pioneer in agroforestry and one deeply embedded in research in to alternative agricultural systems. I had been wanting to go here for many years, and suddenly the opportunity came up - so despite being a very long way form Scilly, I didn't hesitate to book…

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August is the start of the harvest season that all growers lover. An abundance of produce on the farm is what all the hard work culminates in, and that's a real joy. We've got a good range of veg at the moment, but it's the fruit that really feels like the icing on the cake. However it's not perhaps the…

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Summer heat

This summer weather has been fantastic for tourism. Blue skies, hot sun, beaches well used and lots of swimming. Not to mention some truly fantastic sunsets... The flip side however is that for farmers and growers trying to grow crops and/or raise livestock, this extended hot spell has been very difficult. I don't remember a time when the heat continued…

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Veg stall

Our veg stall at the top of Middle Town hill is now being stocked up three times a week - Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at midday. It's full of fresh new crops, including our well known salad leaves mix, beautiful earthy new potatoes, cracking kale and chard, and succulent New Zealand spinach. Soon we'll be moving on to stocking up…

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Spring gets underway properly

The shift in weather patterns has led to spring looking like it's here to stay! You cam always tell when the shift has happened because wild spring flowers come out properly, like these lovely celandines. ...and this blackthorn Meanwhile in the glasshouse the seedlings are responding to increased light levels and warmth. Not long until these are ready to plant…

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Assistant grower summer 2018

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }a:link { } Applications for this post have now closed  Assistant grower wanted for organic market garden in summer 2018 Scilly Organics is a small organic market garden on the Isles of Scilly, growing a range of vegetables, herbs and fruit that is sold locally, and we specialise in mixed salads. The business has been running…

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It snowed – again!

Snow on Scilly is a rare event. The last I can remember before this year was 2009. But now it's snowed twice within three weeks! Apparently an old boy in his 80's, who's lived here all his life, has said he can never remember two lots of snow in one winter. Climate change? Anyway, for the sheer joy of Scilly…

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