Carbon footprint
Carbon footprint label

Carbon footprint of our products

We are experimenting with labelling our products with how much carbon is emitted in producing them. We have accurately calculated the total carbon footprint of the business, using the acclaimed Farm Carbon Calculator.

You can read all about that calculation here on our blog

Carbon negative produce

The upshot of this process is that our total carbon footprint from the farm is -19.24 tonnes of CO2 per year. A minus number means that more carbon is being sequestered (absorbed) that is being emitted. This is a good thing!


 So every 1kg of produce that we sell carries a carbon label of -6.4 kg of CO2.

A bag of salad carries a carbon label of -1kg of CO2 (because it weighs about 150g).


Carbon footprint

Bigger picture

Every UK citizen, on average has a carbon footprint of around 15 tonnes of CO2 per person (reference here).

Food and farming make up around 20% of our total carbon footprint, so it’s really important to consider the environmental impacts of your food buying choices.

However it can better – you can buy food, like ours, which doesn’t add to your carbon footprint, but takes away from it!

A key part of the solution

Every country and every person needs to drastically cut their carbon footprint in order to meet our commitments to keep global heating to below 2 degrees C.

Here in the UK and Europe especially we need to aim to cut our individual and collective carbon emissions to zero as soon as possible.

We cannot achieve that without cutting carbon in our food. Furthermore farming systems have the ability to absorb more carbon than they emit, therefore being a crucial tool in our fight to rescue ourselves from the Climate Emergency we all face.