Carbon consultancy

Since 2008 we have worked with farmers and growers to help them reduce the carbon footprint of their farms.

The Farm Carbon Calculator is one of three leading carbon calculators in the UK for farmers and growers. It is endorsed by the NFU and has thousands of users. Jonathan Smith co-wrote and manages the Calculator, which has become ever more important in a world which absolutely needs dramatic cuts in carbon in all sectors of society. 

Agriculture and horticulture is unique in that it has the ability to sequester carbon and produce quality food, whilst enhancing biodiversity, providing jobs, managing landscapes and providing many more ‘public goods’. We believe farming and growing should be part of the solution, and carbon is the lens in which to accelerate positive change.

Circular Economy

As an independent consultant, Jonathan was a partner of the CIRC4Life project, an EU-funded 7mEUR research project to identify and test working solutions for the circular economy.

As a working example of a farm that has low energy use, recycles and reduces waste, has produce with a low environmental and social impact, and engages with its customers, Scilly Organics plays an important role in showcasing how farms of the future can be. CIRC4Life is demonstration project that aims to provide working solutions for other businesses as circular economy needs to become the norm across Europe and the world.
Rural connectivity
In a world that is increasingly connected digitally, many businesses in rural areas are missing out on the benefits available through online services and connections due to poor or slow internet connections. XGain is an EU Horizon Europe funded project that aims to find replicable solutions to better connect rural areas across the EU and beyond. The case study in XGain is based on the Isles of Scilly, using Scilly Organics as a test case.


Jonathan Smith Consulting provides a full range of carbon footprinting and carbon reduction strategies for businesses. Whilst our expertise is in farms we also work with other businesses and organisations to help them on their journey to a low carbon future.

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