The growing season has kicked off

Mid February marks the proper start of the growing season for us. The

winter jobs are coming to an end and plant growth is starting to pick up.

Today I cultivated in some seaweed ready for early spud planting later

this week. In the glasshouse we've been sowing seeds for a month and now

have some nice little plants coming on. The first salads will go in to

the polytunnel, planting out next month for cropping in April. The next

lot will be planted outdoors for harvest in May.

Today felt like the first day of spring, it was so warm and quiet. There

will be some wintry weather to come yet for sure, but it  certainly felt

like a turning point.

Jonathan Smith

I started Scilly Organics in 2003, and it was the first certified organic farm on the Islands. We continue to supply the highest quality fruit and vegetables, available fresh on our stall and at certain eateries on Scilly.